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Standard Features

  • Machine sound and safety enclosure

  • Electrical control circuit

  • Operator push button station

  • Walkaround push button jog control

  • Variable speed adjustable pulley drive

  • Digital tool and dies protection system

  • Combination air clutch and brake

  • Automatic machine lubrication system

  • Motor driven die lubrication system

  • Mechanical roll feed with indexing clutch

  • Mechanical scrap chopper

  • Linear bearing transfer drive

  • Keyes individual die holders

  • Timed delay stripper release motion

  • Transfer slide with transfer fingers

  • Knockup cams and ejector pins

  • Mechanical blank hold down

  • 13th Station auxiliary plunger

  • Provisions to mount stagger feed

  • Provisions to idle 2nd station

Optional Features

  • AC variable speed drive

  • Beading attachments

  • Threading attachments

  • Punch accelerator plungers

  • Mechanical hold downs

  • Stagger feed unit

*Other attachments and options are available for special applications

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Samson C-series presses are of multiple plunger construction. Plungers are individually cam operated, each having it’s own down stroke cam and its own lifter cam. These cams are mounted alternately on the upper cam shaft. Tool shut height is adjustable through a wedge mechanism located in each plunger. Each of these independent stations function insuring positive part control throughout the entire cycle. The modular die bed construction with tight tolerance and keyed die holders provide positive die location and allow single tool stations to be individually adjusted or removed without disturbing adjacent tooling. The modular concept permits the ultimate in tooling simplicity.

Precision Deep Drawn Parts Produced Faster:
Versatility is unsurpassed over conventional single ram multiple presses and progressive tooling. Secondary operations such as, Beading, Knurling, Side Piercing and Lettering to name a few, can be performed at high production speeds. It’s all there, positive part control is the key. The part remains under full positive control of either the tools on the transfer mechanism at all times. We never let go!

Lower Cost Material:
Scrap is automatically reduced through the elimination of carrier strips. The C-Series press accepts metal in strip, blanks, cups, or preforms. The use of a stagger feed system for multiple row blanking provides even lower material cost.

Simple Tooling:
Samson C-Series press is a multi-station, deep draw transfer press that makes lower cost tooling a reality. Tooling is greatly simplified consisting of simple punches, stripper sleeves, dies inserts, knockout pins, and transfer fingers. Current investment in tooling is also protected because all Samson C-Series Presses are 100% interchangeable with Waterbury Farrel transfer presses.

Industries That Benefit:
Our equipment us used worldwide and produce drawn components for the Automotive, Bearing, Electrical, Electronic, and Cosmetic Industries, to name a few.

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