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Eyelet Transfer Press Replacement and Spare Parts

We know how important it is for you to keep those presses running.

Samson builds and maintains a large inventory of replacement and spare parts for same-day shipment.

Replacement and Spare parts not in stock and custom parts can be manufactured quickly. We have extensive in-house capabilities.

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Samples of Replacement and Spare Parts

Camshaft Assemblies

Camrollers & Camroller Boxes

Drive, Pinion, Miter, & Feed Gears

Plunger & Lift Brackets

Plunger, Lifter, Transfer, Knock Up & Stripper Cams

Lifter Arms & Hardened Inserts

Stripper Levers & Springs

Blank Hold Down Details

Plungers for Round or Square Machines

Plunger Punch Extenders Available for Round or Square Machines

Miscellaneous Press Parts
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Replacement and Spare parts:

Cams – Blank Hold down
Cams – Roller Bearings
Cam Roller Boxes
Blank Hold down Cam Rollers
Lifter Arms
Stripper Levers & Springs
Plunger – Lifter Brackets
Plunger – Punch Extender Details
Blank Hold Down Details
Misc Press Parts
Camshaft Assemblies

How To Order Replacement Parts

Many parts for transfer presses vary in dimensions but are similar in appearance and location. The photographs and drawings in this section show parts typically ordered as replacements. Some photographs and drawings cover several sizes of machines. Therefore, some parts on your machine may look slightly different and may be located differently from those shown. Each part shown on the schematics is identified by a key number. Use this number in ordering replacement parts.

To Order Replacement Parts:
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